MHS Virtual College Visits

Last Updated: 1/5/2022 12:16 PM

Attention students College and Military Virtual Visits will start soon. Check this website for updates. Most virtual visits will be on zoom so you will need to create a zoom account to enter the meeting. You can do that here:


*In person events:

January 10th: US Navy Table set up during lunch

January 12th: Marshall University: Apply on the spot Table set up during Lunch

January 14th: US Air Force Table Set up during lunch

Tuesday Jan 18th - Savannah College of Art and Design Table Set up during Lunch

On Thursday Jan 20th Fairmont State will be hosting Morgantown High Night at the Green Turtle in Morgantown: Registration link below

Check Anytime
Western Kentucky University:
Ohio Valley University:

Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine: Message to interested students: Any students interested in the BS/MD accelerated program (We have had several in our program from Morgantown High) we would be happy to talk with them directly at 304 412-4364 or we can set up a zoom meeting with them

Upcoming Pierpont Community and Technical College virtual events:
Carnegie Mellon University Virtual Campus Tour Sign Up
Upcoming WVU Future and Interested Students:  
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