Due to severe weather predictions, the University High School graduation ceremony is rescheduled for Saturday, 5/28 at 5:00 P.M at the stadium.  

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Contact Us

For all general questions please contact our main office:


Mylan Park Elementary School
901 Mylan Park Lane
Morgantown, WV 26501

phone - (304) 983-7700
fax - (304) 983-7704


You can find e-mail addresses for all teachers and staff members by clicking here.



I need to reach the Principal:

Call Mrs. Lupo at: 304-216-7913 or 304-983-7700 Ext. 4605

or via email at: alupo@k12.wv.us

(Available 9-3p M-F)


I need to reach the Vice Principal:

Call Mrs. Pack at: 304-276-0686 or 304-983-7700 Ext.4604

or via email at: jrpack@k12.wv.us

(Available 9-3p M-F)



I need to reach the School Counselor:

Call Mrs. Bartley at: 681-404-0673 or 304-983-7700 Ext. 4623

or via email at: brittany.bartley@k12.wv.us

(Available 9-3p M-F)



Click here for the Community Mental Health Services/ Resource List

Click here for parent and student resources from the School Counselor.


I need to reach the Outreach Specialist:

Call Janel Allen at: 304-376-4021 or 304-983-7700 Ext. 4619

or via email at: jallen@k12.wv.us

(Available 9-3p M-F)


I need to reach the Technology Integration Specialist:

Do you need technical assistance with Arctic Academy or Chromebook Troubleshooting?

Call Mrs. Reaves at: 681-214-5486 or 304-983-7700 Ext. 4650

or via email at: jreaves@k12.wv.us

(Available 9-3p M-F)

gina lenhart

I need to reach the Academic Coach:

Contact Mrs. Lenhart at: 304-983-7700 Ext. 4673

or via email at: glenhart@k12.wv.us 

(Available 9-3p M-F)